Foiled Chocolate Coins

For an instantly recognizable gift, choose custom chocolate coins from Chocolates 4 Less! Customize the coins by printing your own design on one or both sides of the coins, or choose the stock Liberty coins. The Liberty coins feature distinctive replicas of two different Liberty coins from the 19th century.

When promoting a business or organization, custom chocolate coins with your custom logo or design are a great promotional item to give to potential clients. Hosting a pirate-themed party or event? Have a treasure chest full of Liberty coins that people can grab and go. Custom chocolate coins are perfect for a variety of situations!

Foiled Chocolate Coins

Stock Coins

7 of our stock gold foil coins packaged in a rust colored mesh net. 3 Dollar (1.5") & 4 Half Dollar (1.25"), each molded as distinctive replicas of 2 different Liberty Coins from the 19th century, the golden age of American coin design.

Item 144 432 720 1,440
Stock Chocolate Coins $2.85 $2.80 $2.73 $2.63

Custom Coins

This dollar size confection is available with your logo debossed into both the chocolate and foil. Milk chocolate coins are available in Gold, Red, Silver, & Blue.

Item 690 1,380 4,140 11,040 20,700
Custom Chocolate Coins $0.41 $0.38 $0.35 $0.33 $0.31
Custom Mold Fee $20 per side

Packaging Options

  • VP3 Velour Pouch: Up to 5 coins per pouch - $0.95 each
  • VP5 Velour Pouch: Up to 25 coins per pouch - $1.15 each
  • Pouch Print Plate Charge: $60.00
  • SP3 Organza Bag: Up to 5 coins per bag - $0.40 each
  • SP4 Organza Bag: Up to 10 coins per bag - $0.50 each
  • Poly Bag: $0.15 each
  • Yellow Mesh Net: Up to 10 coins per net - $0.18 each
  • Labels for Mesh Net: 4" x 1" - $0.25 each
  • Insertion charge (place in pouch net or bag): $0.25 each

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